ROAD TEST EXAM (ages 15-17)

Northwestern Driving is proud to be the 1st Commercial Driver Training School to provide the IL STATE ROAD TEST EXAM (Teen Only)

We offer the Road Test to students upon completion of an approved driver education course, such as a Driving School or High School program. Students must be at least 15 years old. Our facility allows students to take the road test before the 9-month period of holding their permit.

While we do permit students to complete the road test with us before they are eligible for the actual driver’s license at the DMV, they must still adhere to the same regulation before going to the DMV. This includes holding the permit for 9 months and being at least 16 years old.

Our Skokie facility provides the Road Test, where students use our car. A parent or guardian must be present to sign a consent form allowing us to administer the test to their teenager. The fee for the road test is $100, payable in cash or by check on the day of the test.

Upon passing the road test, the student will take their score sheet to the DMV. At the DMV, a parent or guardian must also be present for the issuance of the driver’s license. By bypassing the entire road test portion, wait times at the DMV are significantly reduced.

Northwestern Driving School offers the road test in a comfortable and stress-free environment. This not only saves considerable time at the DMV (typically 2 hours or more) but also includes the use of our car and insurance for the test.

Additionally, we provide a “mock” test for practice, enabling students to simulate the real road test with one of our examiners. For this service, we charge $60. If the students feel prepared, they can book the actual road test on another day for an additional $100.

As this marks the initial opportunity for commercial driving schools to offer the road exam, there is a slight chance (5%) that students may be randomly selected for a ‘spot check’ road test at the DMV. This is a mandatory measure to ensure adherence to correct testing procedures by all commercial schools.

Please note that we only conduct the road test by appointment. Kindly register below.