Northwestern Driving is proud to be the 1st Commercial Driver Training School to provide the IL STATE ROAD TEST EXAM (Teen Only)

We’re able to administer the Road Test to students who have completed an approved driver education course. (IE: Driving School or Highschool). Students must be at least the age of 16 and have received their certificate of completion. If you’re unsure if you have received your certification, please visit the link below.

We currently provide the Road Test at our Skokie facility. Students will use our car to take the road test. We do require a parent/guardian to be present to sign a consent form allowing us to administer the test to their teenager. We charge $100 to provide the road test to students. Payment can be made payable in cash or check on the day of the test.

After the student passes the road test, he/she will take their score sheet to the DMV; the DMV will then take a photo and issue a driver’s license. A parent/guardian must also be present. Wait times at the DMV will be reduced as you’re skipping the entire road test portion!

Northwestern Driving School provides the road test as a convenience to prospective new drivers. Students will take the road test in a comfortable, stress-free environment at Northwestern Driving School. Taking the road test with us will also save you a lot more time at the DMV (Usually 2 hours or more!). We also provide our car and insurance to take the road test.

We only administer the road test by appointment. Please register below.


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