Written/Permit Exam Practice

We do provide assistance for anyone who is looking to pass the written/permit exam.

Our online course helped many students pass their written exam at the DMV.  This course is designed for the State of Illinois permit exam only. Every state has slightly different rules/laws and we’re the only provider in IL to provide a permit practice course catered to passing the IL written exam.   Our course is only $45 and you may retake the course as many times as you like within a 30 day period. Once you pass our online practice course exam, you should be ready to take the actual written test at the DMV. This ‘crash’ course is designed to help you pass the test without reading the Rules of the Road Book. We have simplified the entire Rules of the Road Book into one streamlined course.

Students who take this course will be provided a $5 off coupon for our 6-hour adult program or teen program. The coupon code will be provided after completion of the permit course.

We also provide permit classes at our location as well. Contact us for more information.

Once you receive your permit at the DMV, please contact us at 847-674-4554 to register for driving lessons.

Please click the picture below to access our course! Only $45! We accept all major credit cards.

or visit cooltext309570724391982

*This course does not replace any driver’s ed class* Our online course is designed to help train new drivers in obtaining their instruction permit*

**Actual Screenshots from our interactive course**

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